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Serious about Sustainability

With the urgent need to combat climate change, transitioning to renewable energy sources like solar power is crucial. But did you know? We need over 1 billion solar panels annually for a decade to meet the 1.5°C target. The production of solar panels is resource-intensive and generates end-of-life waste. As the solar industry grows, we need to be more sustainable too. We must innovate for higher efficiency, longevity, and sustainable manufacturing to ensure solar panels don’t morph from today’s solution to tomorrow’s problem.

    Considering solar? Ensure your choice benefits both you and the planet. How and where your solar panels were produced matters. Discover true sustainability in solar manufacturing.
Choose solar panels more responsibly

For nearly 30 years, REC has sought to combine high-efficiency innovations with sustainable manufacturing and equitable work practices. We at REC want to clear the clouds for you to choose the most sustainable solar panel and transparently inform you how we manufacture our products and how we contribute as a global long-standing company to a better future for our next generations. Explore our resources below to learn why looking beyond power and price is crucial in your solar journey, and discover the key criteria for making a significant positive impact.

ESG - not just a buzzword

Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in our Code of Conduct, overseen by senior management and governed by our ESG Management System and Policies. Guided by ISO 26000, our ESG initiatives and reporting are driven by our ESG Steering Committee.

Thanks to our high-efficiency products and eco-conscious manufacturing, REC is contributing also to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably to SDG 7, SDG 9 and SDG 12.

We have set ourselves ambitious targets and keep track of them very carefully every year. Check out our latest ESG key performances and our Core Principles below.

  • Continuously driving energy, water and waste savings programs for many years
  • Recycling treated water and harvesting rainwater 
  • Generating clean energy through our own rooftop solar system
  • Daily monitoring and separating waste to recycle and reuse
  • Extending the lifespan of our solar panels to save on resources
  • Committed to modern anti-slavery principles and strict adherence to human rights laws
  • Zero tolerance policy towards human rights violations 
  • Setting high expectations of suppliers and conducting regular audits
  • Enhancing employee well-being through health, safety, and learning programs
  • Committed to diversity and equality
  • Growing together with our customers though educational and supportive Channel Programs
  • Supporting projects and initiatives every year to empower people and communities in need
  • Comprehensive Social Responsibility policy, guiding our ESG Steering Committee and specific policies and action plans
  • Fair Operating Practices upheld
  • Strict adherence to Trade Control Policy aligned with international sanctions as published by the UN, the USA and the EU and other countries
  • Regular mandatory training on REC’s Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption for all employees
  • Ensuring fair advertising & promotion to prevent unfair competition
Get more. Keep more. Do more.

REC's commitment to high-efficiency and sustainable manufacturing shines through all our Alpha Pure solar panels. Powered by advanced heterojunction cell technology (HJT), homeowners and businesses benefit from long-lasting high power while minimizing resource consumption – a greater peace of mind for people and the planet. Here's why they're the smart choice: 

  • High efficiencies of up to 22.7% to make the most of your roof and reduce number of solar panels needed
  • Guaranteed long-lasting performance of at least 92% nameplate power at year 25 for greater savings on emissions
  • Low temperature coefficient allowing to perform better when it gets warmer
  • Robust design withstands up to 7,000 Pa loads, reducing waste
  • Environmental certifications (EPD, PEP ecopassport, Declare) validating lower environmental impact
  • Less production steps and low temperature process, reducing energy consumption

Learn more about the award-winning REC Alpha Pure Series here:
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