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For Homeowners & Installers

Solar installers: choose certified, be certified

REC panels are in high demand all over the world and we have strategic channels in place to meet the needs of every customer, for every installation type, of every system size. Homeowners: find certified REC installers for your REC system. Installers: become certified to gain unique advantages and sales support.

Find certified REC installers

Attention homeowners: use our Installer Locator to find REC Certified Solar Professional installers in your area.

Why choose an REC Certified Solar Professional installer

In addition to receiving leading-quality panels, you can be confident in the installation quality as well. Plus, you qualify for the REC ProTrust Warranty.

Become a certified installer

REC’s installer certification program is rich with benefits and equips you with tailored knowhow and best practices to boost your business. Plus, only REC Certified Solar Professional installers can offer REC ProTrust; a comprehensive package that offers a 25-year warranty for each of product, performance, and labor (conditions apply).

Meet Partner distributors

With the REC Partner Program, we have distribution partners all over the world to supply solar installers with high-quality REC panels. Check our Partner locator for wholesalers that distribute into your country.