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Why REC?

High-power solar panels made in Singapore, with precision and ethics

REC solar panels are manufactured at an integrated state-of-the-art facility in Singapore, where a 2.4 MW rooftop system directly contributes to the factory’s energy needs. From this modern island nation with strong ethics, REC panels are shipped and installed around the world. Come inside and discover the high automation of REC production and the measures we take to deliver product quality beyond expectations.

Stringent internal testing

REC's internal testing is up to three times as stringent as industry standards – meaning that when we send out our panels for certification or testing, we know they will pass. But beyond attaining a certification, we want our panels to be reliable for the lifetime of the product and perform strongly in even the most extreme environments.  

External assurance of REC quality

REC products and production processes are also certified and endorsed by independent third parties according to multiple global and regional industry standards, solidifying the fact that REC panels meet the highest quality standards required for a long-lasting product. REC panels have also been recently recognized as a Top Performer in the DNV-GL Module Reliability Scorecard, proving their market-leading quality.

Very low claims rate

The reliability and quality of our panels are evidenced by our claims rate – out of 4 million panels manufactured each year, just 400 might come back as product claims. REC's warranties reflect this strength, further supporting REC's premium quality. And in the unlikely event of a product claim, we have proven processes in place that ensure smooth, streamlined, and hassle-free handling of them.

Corporate governance

At REC, ethical business practice is of the utmost importance and we pride ourselves on demonstrating commitment to corporate ethics and personal integrity. The REC Code of Conduct governs this and underlines REC’s commitment to doing business the right way. This ensures we have the strongest working relationships with our partners, customers, and suppliers. The REC Whistleblower Procedure is in place to help enforce this. In addition, the Modern Slavery Act is in place to ensure the prevention of human rights violations related to our operations, our supply chain, and our products.