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Choose Excellence for your Solar Journey

Choose an REC-certified solar installer

REC Certified Solar Professional installers are trained and certified by REC. In addition to receiving leading-quality panels, you can be confident in the installation quality as well. Plus, you qualify for the REC ProTrust Warranty.

The Program is just one of the many REC initiatives to accelerate the expansion of solar and further empower families and businesses with green energy.

Quality Product, Quality Installation

At REC, we understand that your solar journey begins with not only a high-quality solar panel but also a top-notch installation. Opting for an REC Certified Solar Professional (RCSP) installer ensures that the individual handling your installation is not just skilled but has undergone rigorous training by REC. This double assurance guarantees the utmost quality for your solar investment.

Added Comfort and Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your solar installer is not just any professional – they are an "REC Certified Solar Professional." Rigorously selected, trained, and certified by REC, these installers stand as a testament to best-in-class service and unwavering reliability. When you choose an RCSP installer, you are choosing a partner committed to excellence.

REC ProTrust Warranty – Your Comprehensive Protection

Selecting an REC Certified Solar Professional installer brings you an exclusive benefit – eligibility for REC’s ProTrust Warranty*. This comprehensive warranty covers your investment for 25 years in product, 25 years in performance, and either 25 or 10 years in labor. It is our way of ensuring that your solar journey is not just efficient but also protected. And if your RCSP installer goes out of business, your REC ProTrust warranty still applies; REC has you covered!  

*REC ProTrust Warranty applies only for (i) REC panels installed by an REC Certified Solar Professional, and ii) panels have been registered by the installer with REC. Subject to System Size and further conditions.

Elevate Your Solar Experience

Choose an REC Certified Solar Professional Installer Today!