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The influence of incidence irradiance on energy yield in Singapore

A study into how the level of variance in irradiance in Singapore affects the performance of an REC installation

Passivated Emitter Rear Cell Technology (PERC)

A detailed look at PERC technology as found in the new REC TwinPeak Series solar panel

The REC TwinPeak's improved performance in shaded conditions

How the innovative design of the REC TwinPeak Series offers an improved module performance in shaded conditions

TwinPeak LID resistance

How improvements in production lead to better degradation resistance on PERC cells

Recycling a Solar Module

An indepth look at why the recycling of a solar module is important and how it can be done.

REC's Class-Leading Carbon Footprint

An assessment of REC's energy usage, environmental impact and how REC has achieved a class-leading carbon footprint.

REC's Energy Payback Time

A summary of recent reports into how quickly REC amortizes its energy debts from solar module production and achieves a leading Energy Payback Time.

Empowering consumers with maximized power - The REC Alpha

How the revolutionary REC Alpha Pure panel delivers ground-breaking new levels of power and creates a legacy of sustainable, lead-free energy.