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REC Peak Energy 72

REC Peak Energy 72

Bigger isn't always better, but in some cases it pays to have that bit more. The REC Peak Energy 72 is the bigger brother of the 60-cell REC Peak Energy, with solar cells arranged in 12 rows of 6. The 72-cell panel is bigger in size, delivers more power, and is perfectly suited to commercial and industrial applications.


More power per m2

Because of their larger size and higher power, you need fewer panels to achieve the same system size than if you were to use standard 60-cell panels. Or just generate even more power if you stick with the same number of panels.

Robust and durable design

As the largest European brand of solar panels, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. REC panels are engineered to withstand heavy loads and wind, with the frame designed to prevent frost damage and facilitate snow slippage. Furthermore, REC panels undergo harsh internal testing – ensuring they perform strongly in the most severe environments and avoid damage during handling.

More cost efficient

The addition of two extra rows of cells in REC Peak Energy 72 solar panels means that more area can be covered during installation at a faster rate, meaning quicker installation times and the need for fewer components such as clamps and racks. All of which reduce your overall costs.


REC Peak Energy 72 Series (silver frame)


REC solar panels come standard with comprehensive warranties that provide value-adding security you can depend on.

25-year linear power output warranty

Ensures that your REC solar panels will perform exactly as they are expected to – every year for 25 years

10 year product warranty

Promises that the workmanship and materials of the panels themselves maintain their superior quality for 10 years.

Get an additional two years on your 10-year product warranty by having your REC panels installed by a certified REC Solar Professional installer.

  • Easy to install

  • More power output per m2

  • Reduced balance of system costs

  • Robust and durable design

Recommended downloads

Specifications & product information

  • Packaging Specifications – REC Peak Energy 72 Series

Installation & maintenance

  • Installation Manual - REC 72-Cell panels
  • REC Guide to Best Practice – Connections and Connectors
  • REC Guide to Best Practice – Managing Mismatches When Replacing Panels
  • REC Guide to Best Practice – Panel Cleaning


  • Warranty - REC Peak Energy Series


  • 35mm Hail Impact
  • Certificate REC WEEE Membership 2018 GBR
  • DIN EN ISO 11925-2 Ignitability Testing
  • EAR Registrierungsbescheid ElektroG
  • EC Declaration of Conformity
  • IEC 61215 / 61730
  • IEC 61701 Salt Mist Corrosion (Severity level 6)
  • IEC 62716 Ammonia Corrosion
  • IEC 62782 Dynamic Mechanical Load
  • IEC 62804 Potential Induced Degradation
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • MCS 005
  • OHSAS 18001
  • SENS REC Certificate of Membership for Switzerland
  • UL 1703
  • UNI 8457 & UNI 9174 Ignitability Testing
  • WEEE Compliant Recycling Membership Certificate
  • WEEE Nederland REC Certificate of Membership for the Netherlands


  • Assessing Reflection in REC Peak Energy Panels
  • Assessing the impact of degradation on REC solar panels
  • How testing demonstrates REC's high resistance to LeTID
  • Making waves with floating solar
  • REC's Class-Leading Carbon Footprint
  • REC's Energy Payback Time
  • Recycling a Solar Module
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